The Breakfast Mood Boosters To Start Your Day Right

eggsforbreakfastHave you ever noticed the connection between what you eat and your mood? Whilst most of us don’t consciously think about this connection, it can greatly help your day to day life if you spare some time to think about how this connection works.

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of our day and we should give it the right kind of attention, this in turn will affect all your daily activities, will help you perform better at school, at work, will help you make the right decisions and most of all, reduce stress and improve your mood.

There are certain things we should be aware of when we have breakfast. For example, choosing the right food in the right time of the day. We should also be aware of the benefits of the food we eat and keep a close eye on the amount of food we should eat and how this food is prepared.

How to make a tasty and healthy breakfast

First of all, you want to make sure that the grains you eat are whole grains. The more processed a grain the more devoid it is of nutrients and just leaves your blood sugar on a roller coaster ride all day long. Instead of white bread for breakfast, choose whole wheat bread or whole oats. Oats especially are a great choice for your breakfast, because they will not only give you a good mood, but will also keep you satisfied for a longer period of time.

Still, your breakfast should not only consist of grains, you also need plenty of minerals to keep your mind vibrant. Therefore, fresh fruits and even vegetables are great to include at this time of day — and any other time for that matter.

It is also recognized among doctors that calcium in the morning will keep your metabolism high. If you want to lose a few pounds and feel great at the same time, incorporate some dairy products into your breakfast. Milk is not always the best choice because of how it is processed – if you can get it from the farm gate though, by all means do so. However, yogurt and buttermilk are fantastic choices during breakfast.

Lastly, for a stable mood throughout the day eggs are a real must. They keep you happy and your blood sugar stable.

Look forward to breakfast, make time to really enjoy it and it can set your day off on such a good note that it lasts all day long.

Hormones And Stress

hormones and prohormonesYou have probably heard of cortisol – it often gets referred to as “the stress hormone”, although it has a far bigger and more important role in the human body than that. It’s important for everything from insulin management to immune and inflammation response. You need cortisol, you just don’t need stress so much.

Although it’s important to remember that what we call stress does also serve a useful function in the body. That fired up, anxious feeling when under stress is really just the ‘fight or flight’ response – that surge of chemicals in the body that rapidly prepare you to deal with something of imminent threat. So on those occasions it can be very useful, after all, it really could save your life. What the body can’t possibly cope well with is being in that state for long periods of time – it’s just not designed for that.

Hormones are fascinating as they control much of what happens in our bodies, and can be manipulated in all sorts of ways for everything from sports performance to entertainment – both offering legal and illegal routes! They can also cause all sorts of serious health conditions when out of balance, even those embarassing pimples we all know and hate.

Take body buildling for instance. Steroids and other hormone enhancing drugs can make a huge difference to muscle gains in the body. To the point that some athletes are willing to risk bans from their sport, whilst a tiny percentage of gym goers risk their personal health to get big muscles faster. But regulation has greatly limited the danger here with many hormone and prohormone based supplements becoming restricted from sale. The safer prohormones can still be found however as explain – just be aware that you need to know what you are doing to use such supplements and to follow all the instructions and advice given by the manufacturers. As well as information about prohormones, can also help if you are not sure where to buy them safely.

You can learn a lot more about hormones and how they work in the body at the Hormone Health Network, including the diseases and conditions that result from hormone imbalances.

Hiding Your Embarrassing Pimple


We’ve all had that embarrassing pimple – the overnight breakout – and they often come at the most inopportune times. Partly because stress has a habit of bringing them out (those hormones at work again), and of course we tend to be at our most stressed right before important events.

Concealing a pimple that surprises you when you need to show your face to the public isn’t always easy, but here are some tips that could help.

There are many myths about getting rid of a pimple but most of them do not work. There really aren’t any overnight solutions to getting rid of a pimple — but there are ways to hide one. So hopefully this will help you make it through your day without embarrassment.

Use Makeup To Hide Your Embarrassing Pimple

Make up such as concealer and foundation can be used to hide a pimple but do not go overboard with it. If you have ever seen someone over do it, you know that it looks ridiculous.

Subtly is the key here and a light covering is all you need to hide your embarrassing pimple. Yes, you will still see it in the mirror because you will be over-focussing on it. But reducing the visibility of it will mean nobody else will notice.

Finding the right makeup is important. You might need to sample a few different types and brands of makeup until you find the right one for your skin type. Remember not to overdo it. I can’t stress that one enough.

Using Your Hair To Hide Your Embarrassing Pimple

This is an oldie but a goody. I don’t know a woman who hasn’t tried this. One thing you might need to know is that oily hair can cause pimples so make sure that your hair isn’t too oily, because it might make things worse.

Using your hair to hide a pimple isn’t hard – if you’re lucky – because how effective this is greatly depends on where your pimple is located. Forehead pimples are pretty easy to hide with a bang. Pimples that are mostly on one side of the face are easy to hide by simply placing your hair to that one side.

A minor change of hairstyle just for today, can make all the difference.

Putting It All Together

These techniques won’t get rid of your pimple, but they will help you conceal it. These techniques are just designed to get you through your day, through your prom, through a photo shoot, that important meeting or any public engagement.

Use these techniques to help you with these issues and you will be able to face the world without feeling that underlying embarrassment.

Don’t Stress In The Mirror

stop it

Here’s a tip for all us girls who spend far too much time being critical of the way we look.

Stop it.

OK, not the best tip, so here’s a more actionable one.

If you find yourself looking closely in the mirror and examining your skin for all possible signs of blemishes, spots, uneven coloring, wrinkles or just anything that means “you aren’t perfect”… then take a step back. Literally.

Because the amazing thing is, most of the ‘problems’ we have with our skin simply disappear when we don’t examine them from 2 inches away with a bright light shining on them!

Nobody else sees us like that in the real world.

This is our own personal warped view of ourselves, and no wonder we find things wrong with our skin that require endless products to fix.

Yes, there are some things about our skins that we can and maybe would like to improve. But the first step is to make sure those things really exist after all, and are not just a ‘nothing’ placed under a microscope.

So yes, spots and acne are a nuisance and can be treated and/or covered. Wrinkles can also be minimized, although I’m tending towards appreciating mine – they are fairly fine and simply reflect my years.

Of more concern is areas of uneven color. I have some very dark patches of skin that actually do still stand out when I step back from the mirror. And they are something I would like to ‘fix’ without having to try and cover with makeup (I don’t like wearing much makeup).

So I’m going to try out something new. I’m going to try a home skin whitening product. I’ve chosen Meladerm after reading various reviews. Mostly because it’s all about natural ingredients, and I really don’t want to use anything heavily chemical, particularly on my face.

Some people don’t like skin whitening products, for various reasons. But for me I feel this is a carefully thought through, and perfectly jusitifiable decision. It’s an area of my body that is very much on show and important in the way other people see me. There are areas such as underarms where these whitening products can also be used, but personally I’d struggle to justify that. That’s not a  major judgement, it’s just that personally hardly anybody ever sees my armpits! If you live in a bikini this is likely to be more important for you.

Correcting things that really do bother you about your appearance is not wrong. It’s not something you should feel guilty about. If it causes you stress, and it is a genuine real problem to you (remember to ‘step back’…) then be bold and take a further step to fixing it. If the end results means you feel less stress, then it doesn’t really matter how genuine a problem ther people think it may or may not be.